Norwalk has plan in place to improve Recreation & Parks offerings

Norwalk has just approved a new 10-year master plan to improve its parks and recreation.
City leaders made the announcement Thursday at Calf Pasture Beach.
"The quality of life in a city like Norwalk really depends greatly on things like what kind of parks you have, what kind of amenities you have and I would put our parks department and our city parks and beaches up against anybody," said Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling. 
Norwalk hired a consulting firm and even sent out a survey to 6,000 residents to get their feedback.
"It’s something that is necessary for the city of Norwalk Recreation and Parks Department to become nationally accredited, and they've done a remarkable job seeking out imput from the public to see what was important to members of the public," said Rilling.  "Just ensuring that everyone can have an enjoyable and thoroughly good time in Norwalk as it relates to our parks and recreational space," said Norwalk Common Council President Greg Burnett.  Some of the improvements at Norwalk’s beaches and dog parks will keep the city in step with other cities around the country, including updating playgrounds. Plans include upgrading the skateboard park at Calf Pasture Beach and creating more pickleball courts, like the ones that have people playing the popular sport on Woodward Avenue. "It's all a matter of teamwork. It's all a matter of getting things done as a team and putting our heart and soul into all these things and making sure we make Norwalk the best place it can be," said Rilling.  The work has already begun.
Plans also include an indoor community recreation center in South Norwalk and a seasonal tennis facility program.