Norwalk athlete pushes to become 1st Black male athlete for US Olympic Skeleton team

A local athlete is switching sports in hopes the move earns him a spot at the next Winter Olympic Games.
Norwalk's Andy St. Fleur has always dreamed of playing pro football and even had tryouts with the NFL and CFL.
While he's been working toward a football career, his path has suddenly changed course.
"While my agent was pursuing to grab me a contract she connected me with the U.S. Olympic Team you know and I took a look decided to keep an open mind and give it a shot and that's kind of how I got here," said St. Fleur.
St. Fleur is now taking a run at the daredevil sport of Skeleton.
"At the top of the track you're running before you get into a bobsled or a skeleton sled. Typically that's about 60 meters long so track guys, football guys those explosive athletes can easily translate into that," he said.
Last month St. Fleur competed in the Western Regionals in Utah, going head first on ice at up 80 mph. He placed eighth out of 15.
St. Fleur is now pushing to make the Olympic Games as the first Black male U.S. Olympic Skeleton athlete.
"Got a whole lot to learn before we start thinking about that but hopefully someday I would love to and be grateful and honored to represent my country in the Olympics," said St. Fleur.
St. Fleur will be back in Utah later this month competing in slide school team trials.