Norwalk auto restoration service gives old cars luxurious overhauls

The team of designers and engineers at Black Bridge Motors works hard to give old vehicles a luxurious overhaul.

News 12 Staff

Nov 17, 2022, 12:47 AM

Updated 613 days ago


An auto restoration service in Norwalk can give even the clunkiest old car a glamorous new life.  
The team of designers and engineers at Black Bridge Motors works hard to give old vehicles a luxurious overhaul. 
Owner Scott Gilbert was once an investment banker itching for his own overhaul, and to pursue his passion for building extraordinary cars. 
“It's always scary the first couple years because nothing really goes to plan…I personally had some sort of unexplainable connection to them,” he says.  
The restoration process begins with an engineer on a computer. It can take months or even longer.  
While some of the cars include original materials, others are made entirely from scratch.  
Gilbert says some cars are fully custom and “everything from the body to the chassis is engineered and designed” at Black Bridge Motors.  
“To blow past someone doing 90 mph in a truck that is 30 plus years old is pretty fun,” he says.  
Prices start around a $250,000.

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