Norwalk city officials provide helpful information for residents affected by Ida flooding

Many people in Connecticut are still dealing with the aftermath of Ida this morning, so the city of Norwalk is providing helpful information on what to do now for residents that experienced extensive flooding.
Officials say the city received 7.5 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Ida. 
They say residents should report flooding to an insurance agent and document all damage, including pictures and video of the floodwater lying in and around their homes.
For damaged appliances, take a picture of the make, model and serial number for adjustors. 
It is also important to keep samples of damaged items, such as carpets, flooded curtains and more, to show the adjustor. 
Once an estimate is received from an adjustor, it is important to review it and make sure it is accurate. 
For those without flood insurance, they may be able to apply for a grant through FEMA.
Unfortunately, there are several requirements. 
To start, the president would need to approve a disaster declaration for the state.