Norwalk dog clings to life after rescue from fire

A Norwalk dog is clinging to life after a fire Friday destroyed the inside of the France Street apartment where she lived.
The dog's owner Liz Ward says she lost everything in the blaze. She's hoping her dog Ella can survive.
"She's a good little girl. She doesn't deserve that. I don't want that for her," said Ward.
The 2-year-old dog is hooked up to oxygen at a local veterinarian. Ward and her friend Lindsay Nair have been visiting her every day.
'It's so sad. She gets ... they're trying to keep her calm because with the smoke inhalation ... if she gets too excited and worked up then she has trouble breathing," said Nair.
Nair rescued Ella in Texas and brought her to Ward.
"It's heartbreaking to think of how she started in this trailer bathroom with her litter mates and then to come up here. Everything was just going fabulously for her," said Nair.
Ella was by herself when the fire broke out in the kitchen just after Ward left. Norwalk fire crews went in after Ella.
"They got her out and she was out on the grass being given oxygen by the time I came back," said Ward.
Ella's vet bills are around $10,000 and climbing. A GoFundMe has been set up to help.
"The next big step is to figure out what her quality of life's going to be," said Ward.
Ward says she's had to live with friends for the time being and is not sure if she'll be able to come back to her apartment again.