Bridgeport mom renews call to find son's killer

A Bridgeport mother is renewing the call to find her son's killer on what would have been the man's 35th birthday Wednesday.
Iroquois Alston was fatally shot in the Golden Hill neighborhood of Norwalk in 2011.
Police say Alston was shot while sitting in a car with 22-year-old Rakita Smalls who also died. The killer has never been arrested in either of their deaths.
Alston's mother, April Barron, is asking for the public's help in tracking down the killer as a way of observing the somber anniversary.
"I think about that a lot. That somebody's out there, get to live, get to see their kids, get to go on with their life -- but who am I to judge? God's going to handle that in his time," says Barron.
Norwalk police say there is an "inner circle" of people who know what happened that day. They are urging them to come forward and help solve the case.