Norwalk Fire Department details safety tips

One day after a blaze in Norwalk claimed the lives of an elderly couple, firefighters urged people to revisit fire safety.
While the cause of Tuesday?s fatal fire has not been determined, officials with the Norwalk Fire Department say it's a reminder of the dangers people should prepare for this time of year.
Officials say the fire at the Carlin Street home of Norman and Joyce Hunt broke out at about 1:30 a.m. According to officials, the second story of the home collapsed onto the first floor, which made it difficult for firefighters to get inside.
There are many fire-prevention tips that fire officials say are particularly important this time of year. It is recommended that residents have their furnaces inspected, map out escape routes and change the batteries in smoke detectors.
Another tip officials stress is for residents to keep doors inside their homes closed. The fire on Carlin Street was particularly intense because all the doors in the home were open and the fire was never contained to one area.
Couple killed in early morning Norwalk blaze