Norwalk firefighter drops discrimination complaint, gets to keep job

A settlement has been reached between the city of Norwalk and a firefighter who claimed he was a victim of racist treatment in the department. Scot Wilson claims his fellow firefighters made racial slurs while on the job. City officials didn?t release the details of the settlement because they say it involves personal information about Wilson, which is considered confidential. However, sources closely involved with the settlement tell News 12 Connecticut that Wilson has agreed to drop his formal complaint. In return, he will not lose his job after reporting to work while under the influence of alcohol. He will remain on suspension and in June he will retire and be able to collect his pension. Accusations of racism came to the forefront in November after reporters were shown a video clip in which firefighters were making racist remarks. The tape, along with other allegations of racism, prompted a common council investigation. The council says Tuesday?s settlement doesn't end their investigation. They plan to hold a public hearing with sworn testimony and have already been interviewing firefighters.
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