Norwalk honors everyday people with Shirley Award in honor of late fast-food worker

Norwalk now has a prize to honor its everyday heroes.
The Shirley Award started with a Facebook post about a woman who worked in a fast-food drive-thru.
Anne Shirley Alston operated the Norwalk Duchess drive-thru. She spent decades handing out lollipops, dog biscuits and hugs.
Her legacy is being honored with the Shirley Award in her memory.
Alston died in December 2020 and tributes poured into the "I Love Norwalk" Facebook page.
John Discala wanted to preserve that wave of appreciation.
"We are honoring the people who matter, the people who are here during the tough days in life," Discala says.
This year, Shirley Awards went to Josefina McGovern, who works at Stew Leonard's and Dave Kuban, who owns of Dave Charlie's Hometown Deli.
Both were thankful and proud for receiving the awards.