Norwalk hospital launches breast cancer clinical trials

New clinical trials have recently launched to fight against one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer at Norwalk Hospital.
Norwalk Hospital is the only hospital in Connecticut offering a drug therapy trial to patients living with triple negative breast cancer.
The trials will study this aggressive form of the disease that cannot be treated with typical hormone therapies or cancer-fighting drugs.
Dr. Linda Vahdat, the director of cancer services at the hospital, says traditional chemotherapy hardly produces any results.
"So, not only is the patient getting potentially a drug that works for them, they're dealing with less side effects potentially than traditional chemotherapy," says Trish Glynn, the clinical research coordinator at the hospital.
Dr. Vahdat says this clinical trial is unlike others because it's not as restrictive.
Patients who received prior treatment for cancer may be eligible to enroll.
For more information, call 203-852-2996.