Norwalk leader targets illegal massage parlors

A Norwalk politician is getting tough on illegal massage parlors as he unveils his new ordinance Tuesday.
Common Council President Michael Coffey says the proliferation of illegal parlors must come to an end. That's why he has developed an ordinance titled "Stop Illegal Massage Parlors Legislatively." Under the plan, people looking to open a massage parlor must first get a legitimate license and then obtain a permit from the chief of police. They must also obtain approval from the director of health.
Norwalk business owner Darren Monaco agrees. He says illegal parlors hurt other businesses. Monaco says, "Things like this do not fit in the community. The community is trying to do itself right and get better and better, and this is just a negative aspect."
Coffey's proposal comes in the wake of the closing of Tranquility Massage Parlor on Main Street.