Norwalk man sells food truck to open soul food restaurant in Bridgeport on his birthday

A Norwalk man's hard work and culinary success has brought him to a place he had only dreamed of.
On his 26th birthday Thursday, Tyre Holman opened his first restaurant on Main Street in Bridgeport - appropriately named Everybody Eatz.
"It feels great. I'm blessed and grateful for everything. It was a long journey - just happy to be here now," said Holman.
Holman started selling plates of food in his mom's kitchen a few years ago.
"There were just too many people coming to the house, picking up food, running in and out. Cleaning up the kitchen and stuff like that," said Holman.
Sales went so well that he rented a commercial kitchen and eventually sold his food truck to open the restaurant.
"My grandma passed a while back and that was really like my motivation for everything," said Holman.
His mother is his biggest advocate.
"She always supported me through all my journey," said Holman.
His mom even called to check in.
"Channel 12's here. They are. They are here," said Holman.
Holman says his food is made with a lot of love - food from the soul.
Word got around quickly about his new place. There were long lines at the restaurant Thursday.
Holman says he hopes to touch people's hearts with his food.
"Thank you, thank you," said Holman.
Everybody Eatz also carries Main Squeeze, a lemonade started by Holman's 8th grade nephew.