Norwalk nonprofit helps underserved kids plan their futures

A Norwalk nonprofit is helping inner-city kids with their goals for their future.
Dajuan Wiggins and his staff at the Youth Business Initiative in Norwalk are going to some of the underserved communities in Fairfield County to give young people a chance to get ahead in life.
"They don't really have too many mentors or people that are willing to take some time out, so we want to be able to take some time out for them so that later on down the road they'll do the same thing, pay it forward," said Amanda Feurtado.
Youth Business Initiative is providing the fundamental principles of business management and education to encourage career building.
Staffers say many of these students want to get into the music industry but don't have the means to get there.
Youth Business Initiative is only in its second year and has had a 90% success rate.
Youth Business Initiative will hold its grand opening in its new space on Day Street in Norwalk this Thursday. Empowering the next generation.