Norwalk Oyster Festival resumes after storm

The Norwalk Oyster Festival was back in full swing Sunday after it was washed out for a day because of Tropical Storm Hanna.
Those who attended the event made up for the time that was lost Saturday, when the festival was canceled. Organizers say that despite losing one day, they're not taking as hard an economic hit as they anticipated thanks to a much-larger-than-expected turnout Sunday.
"I'm just very happy that Hanna got in and out of here and we're able to open on time today," says one event participant.
Vender Gail Jordon, who Saturday was forced to empty shelves of her merchandise, welcomed the big crowd.
"Business is great. Shelves are full, ready to sell," she says. "I don't want to take any of this home."
Sunday is the festival's final day and organizers are happy Hanna didn't cause it to shut down as well.
Norwalk Oyster Festival canceled for the day