‘That’s how we roll.’ Winter storm is long time in the making for plow drivers

A Norwalk plow driver told News 12 he spent the past few days preparing for this weekend's snowfall.
AJ Cossuto, owner of AJ's Landscaping Service, spent hours with his employees salting roads in Norwalk and Westport.
“We’re out in it the whole time, that’s how we roll,” said Cossuto.
Cossuto said the area he serves has been in what he calls a snow drought for about two years. After ordering 100 tons of salt in previous years, his team used only 18 tons last year.
He also said the nature of this storm makes things tricky for plow drivers, who could either see their treatment work washed away by rain or have to put more down depending on snowfall.
“If it rains, it’s kind of a wash-off, but you just don’t know, so you’d rather be safe and just put it down,” said Cossuto.
His team is responsible for more than 20 parking lots and private roads. With the snowfall totals up in the air, the crews have to be prepared for anything. He is hoping the storm is a test run before the main event.
“This year, I’m expecting about 50 tons that we’re going to use,” said Cossuto. “Unfortunately, it’s been about three years now, so hopefully this year it averages out and more.”
For Cossuto, the time on the roads in treacherous conditions is a family tradition.
“My father’s been doing this all his life, I used to be out with him since I was five years old,” said Cossuto. “My daughter is now three-and-a-half, so she’s out with me and she loves it. It’s awesome.”