Norwalk police to add social worker to work alongside officers

Norwalk police are embedding a social worker to work alongside officers for the first time.
At a news conference Thursday, city officials introduced Alexandra Fitzner as their first embedded social worker in the police department.
The department says in six months they received over 400 calls for service that did not have proper follow-ups.
Those calls could be anything from domestic violence, disturbances and other critical incidents.
One of the main goals with the pilot program is for the social worker to do follow-up calls while working toward going on active calls.
The City of Norwalk is funding the position with $216,000 from the American Rescue Plan.
Officials say the addition of this new social worker will enhance the equity and support offered to the community.
Norwalk police say they've emulated their program after Stamford police began embedding a social worker with officers in the summer of 2021.
Police say the social worker will be working from 9-5 p.m. Monday-Friday for now, with plans to expand the unit and hire additional staff soon.