Norwalk residents calls for city to help with raw sewage

Some Norwalk residents say they’ve had it with raw sewage bubbling up in their front yard.
Norwalk residents on Locust Street tell News 12 that the city should pay to repair the pipe because it’s on public property.
They say they’ve been battling the city for a long time now and they just want the problem fixed.
“We pay sewer taxes and everything. Do we have to start a GoFundMe for taxpayers that have problems with the sewage in the street, and the city won’t fix it, and they’ve known about it for years? It’s very frustrating,” says Norwalk resident Rose Emro.
News 12 reached out to Mayor Harry Rilling who responded back to these claims.  In a statement, he said, 
"Our team, including our Chief of Operations and Public Works and Senior Environmental Engineer with the Norwalk Water Pollution Control Authority have met with and spoken to Ms. Rose Emro on several occasions in the past few months to try and help her with her sanitary sewer matter. Her sanitary sewer line is connected to the public sewer system, and the structural integrity of the actual pipe, which is owned by the City, is in good condition. However, the sewer pipe that Ms. Rose Emro owns, and is responsible for making any potential repairs to has two identified areas where fluid gets backed up. As is the case with all residents, the City does not make repairs to an individual's private property. However, the City will continue to be a resource to Ms. Emro by providing her with guidance and expertise as needed, and is hopeful the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.