Norwalk residents rally against proposal to rezone city

Residents rallied outside Norwalk City Hall ahead of Wednesday night's planning and zoning hearing as officials consider changing the city's zoning regulations.
The proposal would reduce the number of zones. There are currently 31 zones, and officials are considering consolidating them down to 14 base zones. They argue this would simplify viewing the city. They are also considering single-family neighborhoods to be multifamily.
The city says Norwalk hasn't had a comprehensive update in 40 years and believes it's time.
But many residents are not on board. They are concerned this proposal would increase density.
Mayor Harry Rilling said Wednesday while this proposal has great parts to it, it may need to be dialed back and they should listen to concerns from residents.
"I think that we need to step back, too much too soon, you know, there's no rush once you do something you can't undo it but once you think about something you might decide it's not right to do," Rilling said.
The proposal also mentions developing transit around infrastructure and employment, which has some residents' approval.
"The new zoning code is taking steps in the direction of making it possible for more people to live here. For people to have more of a choice in how they get around," said Tanner Thompson.
"If we don't do something to make affordable housing more available it's going to continue to be a problem," said Paul Fox.
This meeting was an opportunity for residents to express their concerns. The next public hearing will be held June 28 at 6 p.m.