Norwalk woman attempts to salvage family photos damaged by flooding during Ida

A Norwalk woman is doing what she can to salvage old photos at her parents' home after they got inundated with over 4 feet of floodwaters during Ida.
Despite being able to get all the water out of the home, there was still another 4 inches of mud left over.
Pat Kerschner spent the entire day going through items from the basement and salvaging what she could save on the driveway, but says the biggest mission is saving the soaking wet photos.
Kerschner's 90-year-old parents were on the second floor when floodwaters came rushing in - but were not harmed.
It's the third flood to impact Kerschner's parents' home, but they've never seen it happen to this extent.
She's now working to clean books, furniture and old mementos that were in the flood waters and is working overtime to clean and dry the old photos she desperately doesn't want to lose.
Kerschner says she hopes her story will help others impacted by the flooding.