Norwalk's City Hall, Maritime Aquarium bring back mask policy

The Connecticut Department of Public Health issued a health alert that 7 out of 8 counties now meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's threshold for "substantial COVID-19 transmission. The move has prompted the city of Norwalk and some local businesses to require masks inside buildings.
At the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, officials are requiring masks be worn for everyone 2 and up - vaccinated or not.
The shift from no masks to masks is something associate director of communications Dave Sigworth says is needed right now.
"The safety of our guests, staff and animals is always our first priority. So if this is what they think, then that's what we should do," Sigworth says
Sigworth says that although state officials are recommending masks be worn again, the aquarium is taking the matter seriously and decided to enforce it as a policy.
The Maritime Aquarium has changed the signage at the front of the building, the information on its website and social media pages about needing to wear masks, and its phone system messages now indicate a mask requirement.
Sigworth says disposable masks will be available inside for those who forget to bring their own.
The statewide recommendation to wear masks indoors comes just 2 1/2 months after Connecticut's mask mandate was lifted.
Some parents inside the aquarium tell News 12 that they'd rather play it safe.
"It was nice when we didn't have to wear the masks, but I'm not upset that we have to wear them again if it's going to keep my kids safe," one parent told News 12.
"Especially with the delta variant going around, it's better to be cautious," another parent said.
As of now, the aquarium can still operate at full capacity.
Masks are also required again inside Norwalk City Hall and at all city properties.