'Not letting it go until justice is done': Nearly 1 year later, family calls for answers in man's slaying

The family of a Bridgeport man who was shot and killed last year is protesting for answers outside the Bridgeport police station.
The victim, Heriberto Marquez, was gunned down near the corner of Iranistan Avenue and Hanover Street on Aug. 30, 2020.
Marquez was walking to his father’s house when he was killed, according to the family.
Today, the family is pleading for a witness or anyone with information to come forward as the one-year anniversary approaches.
In February, authorities released surveillance footage of an SUV and two persons of interest, but Bridgeport police say there have been no arrests made in the case.
Marquez’s mother, Elizabeth Delgado, tells News 12 she hasn’t received any substantial updates from officials since the shooting occurred.
"Until God doesn't take me away and I continue to breathe, I’m going to continue to call. I’m going to continue to make noise to my son because I'm not going to let this rest…I’m not, says Delgado. “If I live to be 70,80 and it hasn’t been solved…guess what? I’m going to still be fighting. I’m not letting it go until justice is done.”
News 12 has reached out to Bridgeport police for comment, but has not yet heard back.