Former nursing home owner sentenced to 30 months in prison for embezzling millions from workers

Chaim Stern was sentenced today to 30 months in prison for stealing millions from his workers at Bridgeport Health Care Center.

News 12 Staff

Apr 20, 2021, 6:28 PM

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The former owner of Bridgeport Health Care Center was sentenced Tuesday to 30 months in prison, with three years' probation.
Chaim Stern stole millions of dollars in pensions for his own workers, as well as their health insurance money.
Federal agents raided BHCC after Stern refused to cooperate.
Stern admitted in a plea deal that he took $4 million out of his own employees' pensions, and didn't pay another $4 million in taxes. By 2017, the pension fund was down to just $588.
Stern's attorney says most of the money went to keep the nursing home afloat.
The judge didn't buy the excuse.
"The fact is, you stole. You either pay your bills or you shut down," the judge said.
Several former workers testified saying Stern financially and emotionally ruined them.
"He had no compassion for us ... He was coming into work with a smile on his face," said 43-year employee Maria Alves. "I never saw him stressed."
Stern has paid back nearly $5 million.
He said Tuesday, "I am ashamed to be here...I was blind to think I could save the nursing home and save employees' jobs."
Stern reports to prison on May 26.

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