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NYPD: 8 people arrested at Trump Tower protest sparked by chaos in Washington, D.C.

The NYPD is on high alert and local officials are denouncing the chaos in Washington, D.C.

News 12 Staff

Jan 7, 2021, 7:20 PM

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The NYPD is on high alert and local officials are denouncing the chaos in Washington, D.C.
In New York City, authorities say eight people were arrested outside Trump Tower after protests there last night.
Video from the Citizen App shows a crowd gathering outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street. The NYPD says of the eight people arrested, six were given summonses for disorderly conduct and released. The two others were issued desk appearance tickets.
In some of the videos posted on social media, protesters are seen voicing their anger in regards to the way things were handled in D.C. on Wednesday compared to how they were handled over the summer.
On Thursday, News 12 spoke to some residents at the Barclays Center, where at least one group plans to hold an anti-Trump rally in the evening.
One resident said she saw it as "the natural end" for the last four years, adding that it was a sad moment for the nation. She added that she was shocked that police did not respond as they did with the Black Lives Matter protesters last summer.
Another resident said she was in disbelief, saying she never considered such a chaotic scene would happen at the nation's capital.
Meantime, NYPD tells News 12 no extra security measures are in place today.
Police sources confirmed to News 12 that an internal memo was sent out much like the ones sent out prior to the election and during the protests and riots over the summer, calling for officers to be on alert.

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