'Off the Streets Bridgeport' launches new fundraiser to help the community's pandemic-impacted homeless

A local non-profit that helps the homeless is kicked off a new fundraising effort Saturday to help make up for losses caused by the pandemic.
"Off the Streets Bridgeport" provided security deposits to people who are homeless so they can move into apartments.
The group encourages people to take part in a virtual event about a new book that profiles two prominent Americans, Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton, who each devoted their lives to helping others.
In return for a $20 donation, one can hear a discussion by the author.
Organizers said it is all for a great cause.
"Our whole program is to provide a security deposit, which averages in Bridgeport between $1,000 and $1,500. This week alone, we've placed 15 individuals -- three families, our latest yesterday," said Gerard Agoglia, of "Off the Streets Bridgeport."
"What is so inspiring about this program is they put people back in housing, they put them back on their feet," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
Many of the volunteers are proud graduates of Fairfield University and Sacred Heart.
For more information, you can visit "Off the Streets Bridgeport's" website.