Officers put their bodies to ultimate fitness test to help veterans foundation

Norwalk police officers put their bodies to the ultimate fitness test Sunday by doing an extreme workout to benefit a veteran foundation.
The Catch a Lift Fund, which provides combat-wounded veterans with personalized fitness, nutrition and wellness free of charge, brought its mission to CrossFit Norwalk.
Officers and participants were invited to break a sweat and put their bodies to the limits in the "Hung Like Coff" challenge.
"Catch a Lift fund is based on a gentleman who lost his life in the line of duty. He made the ultimate sacrifice. It was Chris Coffland. This was his workout so that's why we call it Hung Like Coff,” says Andy Burman, of the Catch a Lift Fund.
The athletes first hung on a bar for as long as possible, then ran half a mile, did 30 pushups, and went back on the bar to complete the six-minute challenge.
The proceeds go toward the fund - something that James Hazelip says saved his life after he came home from the service in 2009.

"There was something to fitness that was saving me, it was keeping me out of my head, it was allowing me to function without thinking about the things I experienced when I was overseas,” he says.
Since its inception in 2010, the organization has given thousands of veterans just like Hazelip the means to get back into fitness free of charge.
Through a partnership with the Norwalk police, Sunday's event raised over $10,000 and drew over 100 athletes.
Officers and organizers hope to make the event an annual one.