Officials: 2 Connecticut residents test positive for tick-borne Powassan virus

Officials say two people in Fairfield County have tested positive for the potentially deadly Powassan virus - which is carried by ticks.
Experts say if you're going to be out in the thick of the woods, it's a good idea to stay covered up. They say it only takes one bite from the tick to contract the virus.
It takes one week to a month to get Powassan virus after the bite gets infected, and it can be transmitted in as little as 15 minutes after the bite.
The Powassan virus associated illness has been reported from early spring until late fall. Doctors say there is no cure or vaccine for it.
There have been several cases reported over the last several years in the state - with two being deadly.
Earlier this month, Sen. Richard Blumenthal pushed for more federal funding to prevent tick-borne diseases.