Officials: 727 inmates released from state prisons due to coronavirus pandemic

Officials say 727 people have been released from prisons since March 1 in an effort to slow the coronavirus pandemic, and that there are now 6,906 confirmed coronavirus cases in the state.
Gov. Ned Lamont says there have been an additional 17 deaths, bringing the total to 206 virus-related fatalities.
He says the state is making efforts to help people living in nursing homes, the homeless and the incarcerated.
The state is opening up special nursing homes to only house people infected with coronavirus and is putting homeless people in hotels to prevent the spread.
The state is also isolating infected people in prison. The commissioner of the Department of Corrections says there are 30 staff members and 21 inmates who have tested positive for coronavirus.
- There have been over 3,400 new tests conducted. Lamont says out of those tests, 1,231 new coronavirus cases have been reported, raising the total number of cases to 6,906.
- He also says there are 17 new deaths related to the virus, raising the total number of COVID-19-related deaths to 206.
- Lamont says 1,221 people are hospitalized due to coronavirus.
- Fairfield County has the most coronavirus cases in the state, with New Haven County following it.
- He says there are plans to have coronavirus-only nursing homes and coronavirus-free nursing homes.
- Lamont says the state has set aside 1,500 beds in hotels for the homeless.
- Officials say 727 people have been released from prisons in total since March 1, and that the state is monitoring the older prisoners. They say this is the largest one-month reduction in the state's history.
- Officials say all staff at prisons are having their temperatures taken, and that the prisoners and staff are being given masks. They say they are returning some prisoners to halfway houses or their homes with a sponsor.
- Officials say there are 11,713 overall prisoners still in prison. This is the first time in 27 years that the prison population has dropped to under 12,000.
- Officials say 30 staff and 21 inmates have tested positive for coronavirus. Inmates with coronavirus are being placed into quarantine units.
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