Power line fire spreads to vehicles and manholes, causes outages in Bath Beach

A power line fire that sparked in Bath Beach early this morning spread to parked vehicles and caused several outages.  
Video of the incident shows sparks flying off the wires on 85th Street around 3 a.m. 
Firefighters say the fire spread to a parked car by the wires and to a manhole underneath the car.  
Residents say a manhole cover exploded off the ground and could be heard through the neighborhood.
Con Edison says around 112 people lost power. Its crews were on the scene making repairs this morning.
Resident Jaime Ovalle told News 12 his family’s car was parked over another manhole in the area and also sustained damages from the fire. He hopes Con Edison takes responsibility for it.  
“I sure hope that they will help us with the repair of the car because that's a means of transportation that we really need for taking care of my parents,” Ovalle says. 
Con Edison acknowledged that vehicles were damaged in the fire but did not confirm if they would assist in repairing them. It says power should be fully restored by noon.