Officials praise Connecticut's response to coronavirus as state prepares to begin reopening May 20

Officials praised Connecticut's response to coronavirus Tuesday as the state is preparing to reopen on May 20.
Gov. Ned Lamont introduced two high-profile experts who have been consulting the state - Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the FDA, and Ezekiel Emanuel, a renowned bioethicist and oncologist who worked in the Obama administration.
While praising the state, both say they expect an uptick in cases as the state starts to reopen and that the fall may be the time for a coronavirus resurgence.
Both experts say when fall comes, there will be more therapeutics available to treat coronavirus.
Emanuel says coronavirus is a target that we can develop a vaccine against, despite a vaccine being some time away.
- There are 38,430 coronavirus cases in the state, with 314 new cases since Monday. There have been 23 virus-related deaths since Monday, bringing the total to 3,472.
- There are 914 people hospitalized for COVID-19, with six people being discharged since Monday. There have also been 185,520 coronavirus tests conducted, with 7,841 new tests since Monday.
- Officials encourage people to get the flu vaccine during the fall in order to be able to track COVID-19 carefully and relieve the health care system. They say that they are looking into a universal vaccine.
- Officials are also looking into moving venues, restaurants, etc. outside instead of inside.
- They say that they believe that a vaccine may not come by the end of the year, but in 12 to 18 months. Officials also say that manufacturers are hoping to have potential vaccines ready for testing in the tens of millions by the fall.
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