Officials: Thousands expected to have coronavirus in Connecticut aside from 875 reported cases

Officials say they believe thousands of people in Connecticut are infected with COVID-19, aside from the 875 cases currently confirmed.
Nineteen fatalities related to the virus have been reported.
Gov. Ned Lamont announced Wednesday an emergency loan program to help small businesses stay afloat, called the Connecticut Recovery Bridge.
The program allows companies with up to 100 workers to get up to $75,000 each. The loans have no interest and can be paid back over the next year and a half.
Businesses can apply for the no-interest loan online starting Thursday.
Lamont also said he's keeping a close eye on Washington, and hopes that the federal government allocates the resources needed to help the states.
- 875 people are infected with COVID-19 in the state, with 19 fatalities related to the virus. 106 people are hospitalized.
- Lamont says despite the rate of infection being up, testing has slowed down due to lack of proper equipment. He says the state is working on getting the materials to increase testing capacity.
- He also says hospitals are creating capacity for coronavirus patients by canceling elective surgeries and other ways.
- Lamont says people around the state are stepping up to help their communities amid the pandemic. He says for example, a company that makes bourbon is giving away free hand sanitizer and dentists are providing PPE for health care workers.
- Lamont is hoping the government doesn't give out money from the stimulus package just by per capita, but by need. He says southern Connecticut is in close contact with New York City, the epicenter of coronavirus in the U.S.
- The state will be giving small businesses loans (the loan amount will be capped at $75,000; total expected to be given out is $25 million). Officials say the loans are expected to be paid off when the economy is revived.
- Officials hope the loans come quickly to benefit small businesses in Connecticut.
- Officials say the number of coronavirus cases doubles every three to five days, and that thousands are believed to be infected aside from the confirmed cases. They say if 10% of the population in Connecticut were to get coronavirus, then it would be 350,000 people that would have it.
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