Officials: Tracks still dirty despite Metro-North promise

According to local officials, trash still covers the tracks of the South Norwalk train station even though Metro-North promised to have it cleaned up weeks ago.
Metro-North said it cleaned the station, but officials say no one would ever know it by looking at the tracks.
State Rep. Chris Perone, who commutes through South Norwalk, said he and others are waiting for Metro-North to improve the situation. Mayor Dick Moccia agreed.
Perone and Moccia said that while it is Metro-North?s job to keep the stations clean, it is commuters who are making the mess.
"South Norwalk train station has been cleaned since the complaints were made. If the garbage is something we cannot keep up with, we may have to step up an enforcement program,? Metro-North said in a statement.
Moccia said he wants to work with Metro-North to fix the problem and see about getting more trash cans on the platforms.
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