Officials warn of dangers of heat wave

Connecticut officials are warning of the potential dangers of hot weather as a heat advisory remains in effect on Tuesday.
Officials are noting in particular the dangers of children and pets left in hot cars, echoing “Heat Kills in Hot Vehicles” signs that are placed throughout Fairfield as part of the town’s initiative started in 2015.
Officials say the temperature inside your car can be 10 times hotter than that outside and that anyone seeing children or pets left in cars should call the police immediately.
Dog walker Lisa Rothman advises making sure pets drink plenty of water, and says that kiddie pools and sprinklers are good options as well.
Rothman says, “They can't tell you they're hot. It's important to keep them cool and don't exert them that much. Pour water on them too. That helps.”
She also advises walking dogs on dirt trails or grass instead of asphalt and limiting walks to about 15 to 20 minutes.