Officials warn of potential risks of extreme heat and cold water temperature at the beach

The temperature will skyrocket close to 90 degrees this weekend, and so officials statewide are cautioning against excessive sun exposure and freezing water conditions at the beach.
Officials say anyone heading out to the beach needs to prepare because of how strong the sun will be.
They are cautioning anyone against spending prolonged periods in the water because of how cold it will be.
Officials say the combination of intense heat and spending time at the beach may tempt beachgoers to take a dip in the water, but they say between the wind and the water temperatures, it puts the swimmer at risk of hypothermia.
"You have to think about hypothermia," said Pamela Raila, aquatic director at Norwalk Recreation and Parks. "I know that sound unusual when it's 84 degrees, but with the cold water temperatures, with wind coming in, you can start to see some cases of hypothermia."