Officials: Weston student threatens to shoot up middle school

A student is accused of making threats to shoot up Weston Middle School, according to officials. 
Weston Middle School Principal Daniel Doak wrote in a letter to parents that school officials became aware of the threat on April 30.
After interviewing several students, Doak says administrators were shocked to learn most of the students had known about the threats for days, even possibly three weeks, without reporting it to staff.
Students interviewed by staff say they thought the student was joking, so they did not report the threat. One student though turned to an adult and that adult passed on the information to the administration, who then immediately contacted police.
After interviewing students, staff learned there was a specific date of June 13 for a shooting to take place and several students referenced "a list" of targeted individuals. However, the principal said there is no evidence of a list.
School administrators say they contacted the police department, and they determined the student accused of making threats did not have direct access to firearms. Police reiterated the school is safe and that there is no imminent threat to anyone, but they are following up on all leads.
Superintendent William McKersie released a statement saying, "School administrators and counselors have been meeting with students and staff to be supportive, given that in this day and age any verbal threats are deeply troubling. We are fortunate to have close coordination between the Weston Police Department and district and school administrators, security specialists and counselors."
Doak says students and staff were never at any risk, and the situation is fully under control.
Some concerned parents reached out to News 12 and say the administration's letter informing them of the incident is "underwhelming especially since this is not the first time something like this has happened."
Danielle Brown has a younger sibling at the middle school, and calls the response to the threat underwhelming. She also worries the school system doesn't have basic security measures in place.
"We just found the reaction from the school administration, specifically Dan, to be extremely lax," says Brown. "They don't know me at the middle school. I walked into the school without them checking ID or checking emergency contact and was able to pick up children. I want them to be active in their role in taking care of our children."
Maryann Allen has a son in eighth grade said "the school did a great job."
"They had an assembly and they reinforced that always err on caution," says Allen.
News 12 is told the student accused of making the threats is not in school. The police chief says he likely will face charges in juvenile court, but couldn't comment on specifics of the investigation due to the student's age.