Officials: Westover Elementary students to stay at temporary location for another year

Some students in Stamford will be spending another year away from their school building.
Last year, children and staff at Westover Elementary School had to be relocated to an office building following the discovery of a serious mold problem.
Officials say they will be at the new location through 2020.
The news didn't come as a surprise to Gloria Domiziano, who is the mother of a kindergartener and a second grader.
"Not exactly what we signed up for in a school experience," Domiziano said.
Other parents, like Rebecca Rosen who has two 4th graders, appreciate the unique setup of the converted office space.
"I feel it's so nice," Rosen said. "It's such a nice environment, it's different but it's also good."
Some also want to see a nearby park that is closed during the day used as a playground.
Officials tell News 12 they hope to have the space reconfigured by April so the students and community can co-exist at the space.
Meanwhile, a major renovation is planned at the school's site in Stamford.