Open Door Food Pantry struggling to help provide baby formula to those in need

Legislators and officials met in Hartford Tuesday to look for solutions to the baby formula shortage, not only for struggling parents, but for food banks as well.
The Open Door Food Pantry typically has a selection of baby formula for families in need, but now that shelves are bare, it cannot help underprivileged families searching for formula.
The pantry is there to help in emergencies, and volunteers have been making calls to help find supplies.
"We are the emergency solutions, but we have always had at least a couple of bottles this shelf, it has always been full, but with the shortage, it's impacting everyone," said director of client services Yolanda Mateo.
During the legislator meeting Tuesday, officials discussed price gouging, scams on social media and ways to increase the supply.
At the meeting, they discouraged people from buying formula on social media or overseas, and recommended looking at smaller stores in search of the item.
To file a price gouging complaint, call 860-808-5318, email or click here