Ophelia brings threats of coastal flooding to parts of the tri-state

Ophelia is expected to impact parts of the tri-state this weekend with heavy rain and strong winds. Coastal flooding will be a concern.
Coastal flooding is when water covers normally dry coastal land as a result of high rising tides or storm surges. Both of those are possible with the storm hitting the tri-state area this weekend. Saltwater that inundates dry land, your car or even your home can do damage.
The situation this weekend will be exacerbated by the continual onshore winds. Winds will pick up out of the east and help push even more water up against the coastline. New Jersey will be the hardest hit in the tri-state area just due to the amount of eastern-facing shoreline.
High tide on Saturday afternoon/evening could bring minor to moderate flooding to the area. The local National Weather Service offices in our area have issued several coastal flood statements, advisories and even warnings.
The worst flooding will likely occur on Saturday and in areas that have a coastal flood warning. The NWS states at the warning level, flooding may cause widespread roadway flooding in coastal and bayside communities. In the most severe cases, vulnerable structures could be impacted. Do not drive through flooded roadways and make sure cars are parked on higher ground.
Back bays may also not drain during low tide. This may result in minor to moderate flooding lingering after high tide. The situation will have to be watched for Sunday afternoon as well.
Along with the coastal flooding, area beaches will see high surf, erosion and rip currents. Do not swim and stay out of the water.