Orange fifth-grader posts 'kill list' online

District officials say a Race Brook Elementary School fifth-grader recently posted a ?kill list? naming fellow students on the Internet. According to district officials, the boy posted a ?hate list? and a ?kill list? online. One was a rundown of fellow students he hates, the other a list of students he wished were dead.
The district notified police in Orange about the incident, but allowed the student to return to class. ?We believe that the student made a very, very bad choice in doing that but we don't believe that there was any intent to follow through or to bring harm to himself or to other students,? Orange Superintendent of Schools Tim James said. ?I believe in this particular case we made the right decision.? That response left some parents questioning the superintendent's reaction. While the families of fifth-grade students received letters informing them of the situation, the parents of students from other grades did not. Police found no weapons in the child?s possession or at his house, and he is scheduled to meet with a psychologist. Police would not release any details about their investigation, only saying they are continuing to work on the case.