Order up! MrBeast Burger opens at American Dream Mall

There was pandemonium at the American Dream Mall Sunday as thousands of people came from all around the world on the opening day of Jimmy Donaldson AKA MrBeast’s first restaurant, MrBeastBurger.
MrBeast Burger started as a delivery-only restaurant brand launching with Virtual Dining Concepts, and instantly became the most downloaded app on iTunes and Google Play stores. Now, two years into its meteoric rise, MrBeast Burger brings its first full-service dining destination to American Dream.
Patrick Ramsey, who flew in from Denmark to New Jersey, said he was excited to see the popular YouTuber and try one of his new burgers.
Victor Galvan drove all the way from Nebraska for the grand opening.
"Like 1,500 [miles]. It was a long drive, 22 hours all the way from Nebraska," Galvan said, explaining that he's a big fan of MrBeast.
"We just love what Jimmy does and we want to hand over 'Little Jimmy' to 'Big Jimmy,'" he added, referring to a small statue in the likeness of Donaldson that he wanted to gift the YouTuber with.
The business venture means a lot much more to Donaldson than a burger.
"There is a philanthropy, but we have a lot going on. "Right now, my main focus is that everyone is happy," Donaldson explained. "I just want them to be happy, have a good experience and we get through them quickly."