Paper mix-up strands Fairfield 5-year-old at bus stop in freezing temps

A Fairfield mother says a paper mix-up left her 5-year-old daughter at her bus stop in the freezing cold Tuesday.
Shalene Sutherland says her daughter, Aliyah Augustin, was signed up to see an after-school movie at McKinley School. However, Sutherland says her kindergartner was dropped off at the bus stop after school and never stayed for the movie. Sutherland adds that Aliyah spent an hour alone in the cold. According to Sutherland, the child?s teacher didn?t see Aliyah?s name on the movie list.
Sutherland says a former neighbor spotted Aliyah at the stop and drove her to her grandparents? house. Sutherland says she is blaming the bus driver for leaving the child unattended at the bus stop. The principal of McKinley School hasn?t returned calls for comment.