Parent: Bronx boy deserted by bus driver

A 5-year-old boy was spotted wandering the streets alone Monday after apparently getting dropped off by a school bus driver.
Although Jaeden Vasquez lives across the street from his elementary school, someone still put him on the school bus. At the end of the line, two miles away from his house, the first-grader was let off the vehicle despite a law that prohibits bus drivers from allowing young children to leave unless an adult is waiting for them.
The boy asked a woman on the street for help. She then notified the school and brought him back in a cab.
Vasquez?s mother, Aileen Bonilla, is furious. She says her son could have been killed.
School officials apologized to Bonilla for the incident, which is currently under investigation. They say at this point they do not know who the driver is, or why the boy was let off the bus.