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Parents outraged over closing of Bridgeport community center

<p>Parents say the Trumbull Community Center helped keep their kids off the streets.</p>

News 12 Staff

Jul 12, 2018, 7:27 PM

Updated 2,172 days ago


Parents in the North End of Bridgeport are outraged over the lack of programs available for their children since the closure of the Trumbull Community Center.
Parents say ever since the community center was shut down in January by the housing authority, their kids have little to do and they fear that will lead them to the streets.
The community center offered kids programs like basketball and football camps.
"And I'm here to let you know that if anything happens to any child out here during the summer, I'm gonna sue housing and I'm gonna sue the City of Bridgeport because they failed to open that center," says Bridgeport City Councilmember Mary McBride-Lee.
Housing Authority Director James Slaughter says he understands the parents' concerns and hopes to have the center reopened before the end of the month. Slaughter says the only reason he closed the facility was to perform critical safety improvements and to hire a new director, who will begin next week. 
Slaughter says the new paid director will have the expertise to write grants and help get desperately needed funding for the center.
Parents, however, say the center will still need the influence of volunteers who live in Trumbull Gardens.

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