Parkchester: 57 car owners wake up to slashed tires

Parkchester South complex security says they will increase patrols after 57 drivers woke up to slashed tires Thursday morning.
A manager at the complex says that the facility is equipped with cameras and that security guards work around the clock. However, when News 12 the Bronx visited the complex on Friday, the security booth was empty, and for at least an hour, no patrols on foot were spotted either.
Some tenants say nothing has changed and that the booth is usually empty. Condo owners say they are tired of empty promises from security officials.
?They should be responsible, cause if we?re paying to have guards here ... what are we paying them for?? says Eric Brooks, a victim of the tire slashing.
Residents say with no protection, there?s no peace of mind.
One Mercedes owner filed a police report. Other residents feel as if they?re out of options, because most aren?t willing to pay an extra $150 to park in the complex?s garage.
News 12 the Bronx reached out to the security company, but they refused additional comment.