PEACOCK PRIDE: Saint Peter's University trends on social media -- because nobody knows where it is!

Saint Peter's University is trending big time on social media -- not only for making it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament but also because apparently nobody knows where the university is located.
The Peacocks are so popular right now that Sports Illustrated is running a piece explaining to the rest of the nation just where it is and all about the school itself.
It's one of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities that comprise the International Association of Jesuit Universities. It’s a small, private school with an enrollment of around only 3,500 students. 
Saint Peter’s plays Purdue in the Sweet 16 on Friday night, and 1,000 tickets were made available Monday for students and others connected to the university for the game. They sold out immediately.  
“The tickets were dropped last night at 7:30 and nobody, nobody knew about it beforehand or was supposed to know about it beforehand. And then when a bunch of us went to get tickets, the website was down and the tickets were gone,” says Linden sophomore Matthew Figueroa.
News 12 spoke with university officials, who said they are currently fundraising in an effort to get more tickets for Friday's game into the hands of students. No specific information is yet available.  
The basketball teams play in the Run Baby Run Arena, which has a capacity of 3,200 people. The school plays in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference and is making its fourth NCAA Tournament appearance after winning the conference for the first time since 2011.