‘People may stop talking to you’- Woman opens up about leaving Orthodox life in Long Island behind

Ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish people are known for their close, tight-knit communities and strong religious belief. But when it comes to a member from within--it can become very difficult because of the challenges that lie in the way. 
Some of those challenges can be a lack of both education and resources. 
Naomi Moskowitz grew up with strong religious values in Long Beach, Long Island, in a community known as the Yeshiva-ish--with strict rules in place through community policing. 
She says everything was controlled, from the food she ate to the books she read and a strong sense of fear conditioned in her head regarding turning to anything or anyone outside the community.
News 12’s Mary-Lyn Buckley spoke with Moskowitz on how she left behind everything from her Orthodox life in Long Island and now helps others throughout the city choosing to do the same.