Pereira says Saunders doesn’t have proper licenses to tow at Fireside Apartments

There was more controversy in Bridgeport Sunday over the towing practices of a company contracted by the local Housing Authority to tow vehicles at a complex for seniors and people with disabilities.
City Councilwoman Maria Pereira was joined by a private wrecker company called "Frank's LLC" during a news conference at Fireside Apartments.
They say according to statues, Big Sam's Roadside Services, owned by Sam Saunders, is only licensed to tow vehicles with the owner's permission.
Pereira, who said last Sunday that Saunders was "fleecing vulnerable residents" by towing their vehicles, ended up clashing that day with Saunders and his supporters.
Pereira said under state law, "You must be licensed by DMV as a motor vehicle dealer or repairer in order to tow vehicles off private property without the owner's consent," which they say Saunders is not.
"He does not have the requisite licenses to tow on private property, to tow anybody's vehicle without their permission,” she said. “The only thing he can tow is if a vehicle owner calls him and says, ‘Can you come pick me up in my vehicle because I've broken down somewhere.’”
Saunders released a statement to News 12 Connecticut:
"I'm working with my attorneys on this matter. All of these allegations against my business are false and defamatory and we will have a formal response in the upcoming weeks."
Saunders said last weekend that police have investigated and found his towing practices to be "in full compliance with the law."
The Housing Authority said it had no comment on possible pending litigation.