Permanent police presence possible at Milford mall after weekend melee

Milford police are cracking down to prevent a brawl like the one involving hundreds of teens at the Westfield shopping center from occurring again.
The Westfield Connecticut Post Mall has hired additional police officers, and the idea of a police substation is back on the table. Police and mall officials are working together to pick a location to build the substation. There is no word yet on when that may be built.
Police blame Saturday?s brawl partly on an overcrowded high school dance party. The mayor is blaming and Knickerbockers for not informing police and fire officials ahead of time, for overcrowding the venue and for breaking a town ordinance that prohibits placing flyers on cars in town parking lots.
Meantime, issued a statement that reads in part, "Parents ask your kids whom attended the event the real truth not what the media says. There was not one problem at Knickerbockers or in the vicinity of Knickerbockers. Your children's safety will remain our first and foremost priority as it has always been."
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