Peter's Weston Market to close after nearly 50 years in business

Peter's Weston Market, known as the "heart and soul" of Weston's Town Center, will be closing after nearly 50 years of serving the community.
The market announced on social media Tuesday that Sunday will be its last day open. A customer put up a sign and attached markers to it so people could write messages to Jim and Karen Magee.
Another customer put up a sign saying, "Thank You Peter's," at the center's entrance.
"Peter's is just the go-to place," says Weston resident Elana Goldblatt.
Jim Magee's family opened Peter's 49 years ago, and he became owner of it in the mid-90s along with his wife.
"Unfortunately our time is… is up and it's... it’s very bittersweet," says Jim Magee.
He says they've been struggling the past five years with sales down and expenses up.
The pandemic has only made it worse. A GoFundMe campaign in April raised more than $100,000 and has helped keep the lights on until now.
Some customers learned the news while stopping by for staples or the dirty bird sandwich, which has a cult following.
Customers told News 12 they are devastated. Peter's is not just the only grocery store in town – it's a place generations of people have gone to and worked at.
They also say they've become friends with the Magees and their employees.
"Peter’s is a place you can go where everyone knows your name," says Amanda Milhelic, of Weston.
"It’s not just a grocery store. It’s where we all have built relationships with people who work there, the employees, the owners, and even other people in town," says Weston resident Rawleigh Morse.
Jim Magee also says he met his wife at the market. She was a cashier there in high school.
"He was the owner's son at the time and I thought he was cute. He had a Jeep and an American Express card so I went out with him for the summer fling before college," says Karen Magee.
They've since raised three daughters after meeting 37 years ago.
"I would just say thank you, thank you very much for all that you've done for my family, my employees. It's 49 years and I can't thank them anymore, I really can't," Jim Magee says.