Pfizer: 3 doses of vaccine neutralize omicron; 2 doses less effective

Pfizer announced Wednesday morning that results from an initial laboratory study show that three doses of its COVID-19 vaccine neutralize the omicron variant, while two doses were significantly less effective.
The study showed that two doses will still protect you from severe disease, but three doses had the power to neutralize the variant. 
The latest data shows the booster raised antibody levels a staggering 25 times. 
The news comes as the two companies confirm their variant vaccine for omicron will be ready in March.
The companies confirm they still don't know if that variant vaccine will be needed, and they are doing more tests as well as keeping an eye on real world effectiveness. 
The omicron variant, which so far seems to cause mild symptoms, surfaced in multiple states, with more than a dozen cases in New York, including the first Hudson Valley case confirmed this week.