Pickup truck crashes into fire truck on I-95 in Fairfield

No one was injured after a pickup truck illegally drove in the breakdown lane of I-95 North and crashed into a Fairfield fire truck.
It happened around 4:30 p.m. Saturday between exits 20 and 21 in Fairfield.
Firefighters along with Connecticut State Police were responding to an accident at the time of the incident.
State police were able to the stop the pickup and prevent the driver from leaving the scene.
State police are investigating the crash.
The truck sustained significant damage and will be out of service until repairs can be made.
"This is a very important reminder of the dangers that first responders face every day while operating on the highways," said Fairfield Fire assistant chief Schuyler Sherwood.
The department is also reminding people of the state's Move Over Law.
It requires drivers approaching emergency vehicles, including fire and police department vehicles, with operating flashing lights to immediately reduce their speed and move over one lane unless it is considered unreasonable or unsafe.